Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88 D-1 Werknummer 0430921 shot down in the North Sea 29/4-1943

The aircraft belonged to 3.(F)/122 and was coded F6+KL.
T/o Amsterdam/Schipol Op: Recce


The Ju 88 piloted by Uffz Rudolf Wolf headed out over the North Sea with the crew of Beobachter Lt Gerd Listing, Bordfunker Uffz Felix Weiner and Bordschütze Uffz Richard Becker.

At 15:17 F/L Anthony. G. Bird flying Mustang AP253 and Sgt Denis A. Bourne took off from Snailwell for a shipping recce at the Frisian Islands.
At 16:15 they sighted the Ju 88 D-1 at 10 o`clock flying at zero feet 2 miles away.

The Ju 88 increased speed and both Mustangs gave chase flying at 315 m.p.h and gaining on the Ju 88.
FL/Lt Bird closed in on the Ju 88 and at about 500 yards gave two three second bursts, delivering another two three second bursts at 300 yards. Still closing in, and at about 250 yards firing five or six second burst closing to less than 50 yards.
The JU 88 opened fire when the Mustangs were about 600 yards away, taking evasive action throughout the engagement by skidding from side to side. Both Bird and Bourne saw strikes all over the Ju 88 and smoke issuing from both engines. Birds Mustang was hit four times.
After the first attack, the rear gunner ceased firing. Bird overshot the Ju 88 and pulled away in a climbing turn to starboard.
During this time F/O Bourne opened with two second bursts from dead astern at about 500 yards closing to about 400 yards, strikes again being observed. Bird then attacked again from port quarter closing from 350 yards to 150 yards dead astern. Strikes again observed and smoke from port engine increased.
Bird sighted land, warned Bourne and pulled away in climbing turn to port. The JU 88 pulled up to about 50 feet and was seen to dive into the sea at 53`43N 04`36E. by both Bird and Bourne from about 1000 yards away. The Mustangs then returned for base.

On 25/6-1943 the body of Uffz Rudolf Wolf was found on the coast of Fanø island. He was laid to rest in Fovrfeld Cemetery in Esbjerg on 29/6 1943. Lt Gerd Listing and Uffz Richard Becker have no know grave while Uffz Felix Weiner was washed ashore in Ameland in Holland and buried Leeuwarden. He now rest in Ysselsteyn cemetery.


(Flemming Hansen)


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