Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

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Bf 110G-4 serial number 5301 crashed in the North Sea 2/12 1943.

The aircraft belonged to 3./ NJG 3 and was coded D5+DH.
T/o Kastrup ? Op: Transfer flight.

The Bf 110 was on a transfer flight when it crashed into the North Sea about 10-15 kilometres southwest of Hörlum, Sylt. The aircraft was a 100% loss and the crew of Pilot Unteroffizier Fritz Klug, Wop Unteroffizier Günther Zabel and Air gunner Gefreiter Erich Braum perished.

The body of Unteroffizier Fritz Klug was found washed ashore in Beach area number 6 at Aaberg Forstrand beach near Søndervig on 29/12 at 10:00 hours. Reciever of Wrecks Christian Fjord Tarbensen adviced the local constable and Leutnant Üytze of the Wehrmacht in Søndervig who brought the body to Lemvig.

On the same day was the body of Unteroffizier Günther Zabel found in Beach area number 26 at Kgl. Søgaard Forstrand near Sdr. Lyngvig by Receiver of Wrecks Jacob Olsen. He loaded it on a carriage and brought it to his farm. Shortly before he transported it away it had been searched by four German soldiers from the garrison at Hvide Sande and anything found had been removed. Olsen informed Leutnant Lütze of the garrison at Søndervig who would take care of the body.
Both Klug and Zabel were laid to rest in Lemvig cemetery on 6/1 1944.
A German field priest officiated at the graveside ceremony.



On 30/12 the body of Gefreiter Erich Braun was found washed ashore in Beach area number 9 at Kgl. Søgaard Forstrand near Hauervig by Reciever of Wrecks Aksel Jensen. Members of the Wehrmacht based at Hauervig inspected the body and removed anything found. Aksel Jensen informed Unterwachtführer Bartels of the garrison at Hvide Sande and he promised to take care of the body.
Braun was laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 31/12 1943.



Sources: WASt, Reports Ringkøbing Police, BL, KLe, BE.



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