Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Sea plane emergency landed in the Baltic Sea 27/10 1943.

The aircraft belonged to ? and was coded ?
T/o ? Op: ?

The sea plane emergency landed in the Baltic Sea northeast of the island of Christiansø. At 09:30 hours the aircraft was observed floating about 800 metre from the Danish fishing vessel SE 111 “Dannebrog”. The flyers were firing flares and Skipper Harding Nielsen set course for the sea plane.

There was a heavy sea and Nielsen told the flyers to come onboard his vessel as he probably would not be able to tow the large sea plane to harbour. The flyers who were busy pumping water from the hull insisted that Nielsen towed the aircraft to harbour and after a while a heavy rope was tied to the sea plane and a three hour journey towards land started.
When they were ½ a mile from the island of Christiansø a German marine vessel arrived and took the aircraft in tow for the harbour in Neksø.

Sources: AS 18-255.


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