Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88C-6 serial number 750354 crashed near Thyregod 30/9 1943.

The aircraft belonged to IV./ NJG 3 and was coded D5+FE.
T/o Grove. Op: Feindflug.

The JU 88 attacked Lancaster ”P” of 207 Sqn at 02:15 hours at 17000 feet from astern and below.

Pilot S/Ldr Balme carried out a standard corkscrew manoeuvre and at 300 yards Mid Upper Gunner Sgt Burn and Rear Gunner Sgt Skelton opened fire and kept firing until the JU 88 had closed to 150 yards.

At that time a fire was seen to break out in the starboard main plane and the Ju 88 that had not fired a single shot dived vertically through the clouds in flames. It was seen to explode when it hit the ground.

Pilot Leutnant Volkmar Nicolas, Wop Unteroffizier Heinz Bankowski and Air gunner Unteroffizier Willi Hahnrat all managed to get out of the Ju 88 and saved their lives by parachute.

The Ju 88 crashed in a field belonging to the farm at Vesterlundvej 77 in Thyregodlund and was a 100% loss.

The crew landed in the frozen fields near Ejstrupholm and were all injured.

One landed near Ensø and broke a leg. He lay in the frozen field and fired flares to attract attention. In the morning he was found by a young farm boy who ran for help. The flyer was loaded onboard a horse drawn cart and taken to Ejstrupholm where he met with his colleagues.

Sources: RL 2 III/1194, WASt, LBUK, AIR 50/232.


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