Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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JU 88C-6 serial number 360271 emergency landed near Timring 12/6 1943.

The aircraft belonged to11./ NJG 3 and was coded D5+NV.
T/o Grove. Op: Calibration flight for radar.

Pilot Leutnant Nicolas Volkmar tried to reach back to base when the left hand engine broke down. When the aircraft lost power ammunition and maschine guns was dumped overboard to lighten the aircraft. At 01:20 hours Volkmar could no more keep it flying and touched down on a hill where there was a potato field belonging to Kærgaard farm near Timring.
From the hill it skidded on to a meadow where there were quite a few stumps that had not been removed. These ripped the bottom of the Ju 88 up and made the landing a bit bumpy. The JU 88 came to a halt a few metres from two bulls that were hitched in the meadow. The aircraft was 75% damaged.

The crew were Pilot Leutnant Nicolas, Wop Gefreiter Eric Mainz and Air gunner Unteroffizier Herrmann Macding and all were injured.

One stayed by the aircraft while the two others walked over to Kærgaard farm. One suffered from concussion as he talked very incoherently and the other had damaged his lower lip. None of them had any idea about where they had landed. They asked the owner to call Grove and by the use of a translator it was explained to the flyers where they had landed. The farmer then got down to the meadow to move the bulls to allow the flyers easy access to the aircraft.

A truck arrived with a team of guards that should guard the aircraft, and took the crew back to Grove. In the morning a new team of guards arrived to release those who had been on duty during the night. The team was billeted at the farm for about five days while a team of 6-8 man took the Ju 88 apart and transported it back to Fliegerhorst Grove.

The local police constable Pedersen of Vildbjerg spent the next three days collecting the guns and ammunition dumped from the aircraft. It was found on a three kilometres long trail west of the landing ground.

Afterwards the farmer received 600 kroner as compensation for the damage to his field. Probably due to a mistake he received yet another check of 600 kroner about a year later. This check was cashed in a hurry.

Sources: WASt, Rl 2 III/1190.



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