Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88A-4 serial number 1460 collided with Ju 88 near Østervraa 4/6 1943.

The aircraft belonged to 11./ KG 30 and was coded 4D+IV.
T/o Aalborg West. Op: Training.

Three Ju 88`s was practising formation flying in the area south of Østervraa. When the formation turned to one side 4D+IV turned in the opposite direction and cut the tail off 4D+HV and both aircrafts fell to the ground at 12:00 hours.
A fire erupted in one engine of 4D+IV and when it hit the ground next to a small pond some of the nearby trees were set on fire. The fire soon stopped but the JU 88 that was lying with the belly up continued to burn and was a 100% loss.

Aage and Anna Bering arrived and found Air gunner Unteroffizier Erich Träger standing badly shaken near the wreck. He and a comrade had managed to bail out of the aircraft, but at too low altitude.
Their parachutes had been caught in the branches of the trees and this had saved Trägers life while his comrade had died when his body had hit the trunk of a tree. Aage and Anna found the dead flyer still hanging in the tree and lowered him to the ground. When they realised that he was dead, they covered him with his parachute.

Träger walked over to the nearby St. Nejsom farm and talked to Ida and Anton Jensen. They only understood two words of what he was saying: Comrades and Telephone. They guided him towards the main building where he used the phone to contact Aalborg. Afterwards he returned to the crash site where he spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in one of the German trucks that arrived from Aalborg.

The third Ju 88 made a couple of low passes over the area and then turned towards Aalborg.

The first Germans to arrive were some elderly soldiers that were garrisoned in Østervraa.
Together with the civilians they tried to get the flyers out of the aircrafts, but gave it up when they heard that Luftwaffe personnel were on their way towards the crash site. Instead they told the civilians to leave the site.

Pilot Feldwebel Willi Hinka, Navigator Unteroffizier Herbert Schwarzer and Wop Unteroffizier Heinrich Messemer died and were laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 10/6 1943.


                     (Brønden Lokalhistorisk arkiv)


                     (Brønden Lokalhistorisk arkiv)


 (Flemming Sørensen via Kystmuseet, Bangsbo fort)



Sources: RL 2 III/1190, WASt, LBUK, BF.



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