Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

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BV 138C-1 serial number 0059 crashed in the Øresund 14/3 1943.

The aircraft belonged to 1.Fl.Erg.Gr.(See) Kopenhagen and was coded BD+EU.
T/o København. Op: ?

At 09:24 hours the BV 138 crashed in the Øresund about 3-4 kilometres off Skovshoved Harbour. It stayed afloat for five minutes before it sank in 7 metres of water and was a 100% loss.
A seaplane and a ship soon arrived on the spot to assist.

It appears that the death body of Pilot Leutnant Werner Stangenberg was found on the same day and now rest in København Vestre cemetery.
On 8/4 the body of Engineer Feldwebel Georg Keller was retrieved from the sea. He too rest in København Vestre cemetery.
Pilot Leutnant Toni Lang was washed ashore in Hälvike bay in Sweden on 21/5 and today rest in Trelleborg cemetery.
The body of Engineer Unteroffizier Hans-Joachim Neuman was also retrieved from the sea and now rest in København Vestre cemetery.



Sources: LBUK, RL 2 III/775, AS 2-262, LWIS.



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