Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Mustang III KH446 crash landed Lønborg 21/3 1945.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 64 Sqn. Fighter Command.
T/O 08:45 Fersfield. OP: Fighter support to Shell house attack and strafing of flak positions.

In the early afternoon of 20/3 the Mustang`s from 64 Sqn that would participate in the Shell house attack transferred from their base at Bentwater to Fersfield.
During the attack KH446 was hit by flak, and on the return flight P/O Robert ”Bob” C. Hamilton had to belly land the Mustang near Lønborg west of Tarm at 12:20 hours.

Hamilton was unhurt and got out of the Mustang and started walking towards the farm of Anne Jacobsen on Bølvej road. He was however captured by the crew of the German observation post at Sortehøj hill before he reached Bølbæk stream. This post was located less than a kilometre from the landing site, and the guard had been able to see the Mustang for miles, so he had no chance of escaping.


(Via Jens Lildballe)

P/O Robert ”Bob” C. Hamilton


Sources: LBUK, AIR 27/591, Jagdfliegerführer Danemark.


Attack on the Gestapo Headquarter “Shell house” 21/3 1945

Mosquito FB VI SZ977 crashed København 21/3 1945

Mosquito FB VI SZ977 crashed København 21/3 1945

Mustang III HK460 crashed in Fælledparken, København 21/3 1945

Mosquito FBIV RS609 ditched in the sea of Kattegat 21/3 1945

Mosquito FB VI NT123 ditched in Øresund 21/3 1945

Mosquito FB VI SZ999 crashed in Nyrup Bay 21/3 1945

Mustang III KH446 crash landed Lønborg 21/3 1945


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