Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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P 51D 10-NA 44-14135 crashed Gørlev 20/3 1945.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 55 Fighter Group, 343 Fighter Squadron and was coded CY-V.
T/O 14:00 Wormingford. OP: Bomber escort to Heide and strafing.

Captain Robert D. Brown was the leader of Red section on the operation. When they strafed a number of FW 58`s on an airdrome near Flensburg his P 51 was hit by flak in the coolant system and started to loose coolant.
Captain Robert D. Brown set course for Sweden followed by the three B 51`s of his section piloted by 2nd Lt Richard G. Gills, 1st Lt Patrick L. Moore and 2nd Lt Warge R. Erickson. When they were over Sjælland Brown´s engine started burning. He rolled the P 51 over and dropped out and floated down in his parachute. He hit some high tension wires just before landing and lay unconsciousness on the ground, while the three P 51`s orbited the area. After a while he got to his feet’s and got out of his harness and started walking away from the landing site.

                            (Via Finn Buch)

Captain Robert D. Brown

P 51 44-14135 crashed near Gørlev School 15 kilometres northwest of Slagelse on the island of Sjælland at 17:35 hours.

Brown had landed north of Høng and soon came to a gravel pit where he hid his chute and harness. The gravel pit was owned by farmer P. Guldborg-Jensen, Sæby who had about 10-12 resistance fighters staying on the farm. They all had to go underground as the Gestapo were searching for them. One of these men met Brown and took him to the farm. As the Germans were bound to search the area it was decided that Brown had to get away immediately. He was put on a bicycle and together with the man who had found him, he started on a trip across the island of Sjælland.

On Monday 26/3 Brown was taken to the harbour in København where he met Major John D. McFarlane who had come down near Søllested on 12/3.

At 17:00 together with three Danes they entered the cabin of a boat where they stayed until the next morning at 05:30 hours when they were taken to the engine room and hidden behind a false wall. Two Germans with dogs searched the ship but found nothing due to the captain having spread Cocaine on the floor to disturb the dogs smelling.
The ship left harbour and the fugitives was let out of their hiding and after a couple of hours they were transferred to another boat and sailed to Sweden where they arrived at 11:00 hours.

Sources: MACR, LBUK, DFEV.


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