Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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P 51 D-10NA 44-14350 crashed near Søllested 12/3 1945.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 4 Fighter Group, 336 Fighter Squadron.
T/O 09:00 Debden. OP: Bomber escort to Swinemünde

Over the island of Lolland Major John D. McFarlane`s P 51 developed a internal glycol leak in the engine and left the formation to turn back. He ordered F/O Donald P. Baugh to accompany him. Soon white vapout was trailing McFarlanes aircraft and shortly after the engine quit while at 15.000 ft. MacFarlane stayed in the P 51 until it was down to 6000 ft, then rolled the aircraft over on its back and bailed out.

He landed safely and ran for cover. Baugh stayed at 3500 ft and saw McFarlane land, and then set course for England. The time was 11:47 hours. The P 51 crashed near the church in the village of Søllerød on the island of Lolland, and McFarlane landed about 100 metres away form the same village.
When McFarlane was still laying in the field a man bend over him and asked if he was all right and if he could do anything to help. Shortly after a young man arrived with a raincoat and a hat for the flyer. McFarlane put the coat and the hat on and followed the Dane away from the place.
They saw two German soldiers approaching and McFarlane hid in the woods while the Dane answered the soldiers questions. After a couple of hours they arrived at what looked like a scout camp. At 20:00 hours Erik Haagensen and wife arrived to take McFarlane to Farmer Hans Larsen at Ryde.

                       (Via Finn Buch)

Major John D. McFarlane


                                  (Via Helme)

McFarlanes false ID-card

After three days in Ryde McFarlane was taken to Maribo where he stayed by Mrs. Dupont for six days before he was picked up by Gerhard Krogh and taken to København where they arrived at 19:30 hours. They spend the night by a family at Vesterbro. The next day they moved to the apartment of the Svendsen family near the Fælledparken.

                                      (Via Helme)

Sightseeing in København


                                 (Via Helme)

Sightseeing in København


Krogh and McFarlane spent the days walking around town and on 21/3 they witnesses the RAF Mosquito attack on the Gestapo Headquater at the Shell house. They hurried to the place of the attack, and less that an hour after the attack was finished they were there as onlookers. On Sunday 25/3 McFarlane was taken to another house where he spent the night before he on 26/3 was taken to the harbour where he met Captain Brown who had come down in Denmark on 20/3.

At 17:00 together with three Danes they entered the cabin of a boat where they stayed until the next morning at 05:30 hours when they were taken to the engine room and hidden behind a false wall. Two Germans with dogs searched the ship but found nothing due to the captain having spread Cocaine on the floor to disturb the dogs smelling.
The ship left harbour and the fugitives was let out of their hiding and after a couple of hours they were transferred to another boat and sailed to Sweden where they arrived at 11:00 hours.

Sources: MACR, DFEV, LBUK.


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