Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Halifax BII HX224 crashed in the Sea of Skagerak 25/2 1945.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 58 Sqn. Coastal Command and was coded BY-P.
T/o Stornoway 16:25. Op: Anti shipping patrol in Skagerak.

Halifax JP172 BY-L reported to have found 9 ships in the sea of Skagerak and to have attacked a merchant ship that exploded. At 16:25 hours Halifax HX224 took off from Stornoway.

At 19:34 hours Hauptmann Eduard Schröder of 1./ NJG 3 took off from Fliegerhorst Grove in JU 88G-6 coded D5+AL with the crew of Hessenmüller, Zeinert and Brunsendorf on a Y-Führung in Skagerak.

While being controlled by radarstation “Schakal” based at Skagen the Ju 88 claimed Halifax HX224 at 21:25 hours in Pl.Q. DA7 which is in the sea of Skagerak about 35 kilometres north of the town of Hirtshals.
Schröder landed back at Grove at 23:00 hours.

For a number of years the Halifax was reported as being “lost without trace”. On 14/11 1979 a fishing boat got hold of some aircraft wreckage on position 57`56N 10`04E. In the trawl was found wreckage, machinegun ammunition and a number of human bones as well as a lighter and a watch. The watch bore the inscription: Hugh McLean.

On 10/6 1980 Rear gunner F/O Hugh J.A. McLean was laid to rest in Bispebjerg cemetery in København.

The rest of the crew have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
They were: Pilot S/Ldr Ronald G. R. Frazer, F/Sgt John F. Lomas, W/O Herbert J. Arnold, W/O Gordon W. Lee, F/Sgt Ronald W. Brett, F/Sgt Harold R. Hammerton and F/Sgt John Duncan.



                            (Library and Archives Canada via Kevin Joynt)

W/O Gordon W. Lee


(Library and Archives Canada via Kevin Joynt)

F/Sgt Harold R. Hammerton


(Library and Archives Canada via Kevin Joynt)

W/O Herbert J. Arnold



                       (Via Finn Buch)


Rear gunner F/O Hugh J.A. McLean

Sources: Schröder Flugbuch and Abschüssebeteilungsliste, Carsten Petersen, FT.


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