Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Halifax III RG346 “attacked” west of the island of Rømø 12/1 1945.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 77 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded KN-B.
T/o Full Sutton17:30. OP: Gardening Flensburg Fjord.

Piloted by F/Lt Johnstone it dropped mines at 54`33N 10`15E at 20:59 hrs from 14000 ft.

At approx. 21:26 it was noticed that an aircraft in flames lit up sky.
At 21:28 a JU 88 was picket up on Fishpond on starboard quarter at 600 yards at 52`12N 08`26E at 13000 ft.
At 21:30 gunners saw a JU 88 at starboard quarter. Corkscrewed starboard. Rear gunner P/O F.R. Wickahm opened fire at 600 yards and kept firing long busts. JU 88 closed in without firing. Broke away at 200 yards to port quarter and dived in a steep and apparently uncontrolled dive which continued until the fighter disappeared in cloud well below. Hits were observed in JU 88 fuselage aft of cockpit. The fighter was claimed as damaged.

RG346 landed back at Full Sutton at 22:40 hours.

78 Sqn. ORB states that one aircraft was machine gunned on returning believed by friendly aircraft, the wireless operator F/S J.Wright sustaining foot injuries. AIR 14/3460 states that NR155 of 78 Sqn was hit by 9 strikes from 0.3030 inch ammunition.

Note: There is no indication of any German fighter being damaged on this night.


Sources: AIR 27/658, AIR 50/194, AIR 27/662, AIR 14/3460 via Rod Mackenzie.


Minelaying on the night of January 12/13 1945

Halifax MZ805 crashed in the sea east of the island of Langeland 12/1 1945

Halifax III NP947 crashed in Flensburg Fjord 12/1-1945

Halifax III NA201 attacked west of the city of Aabenraa 12/1 1945

Halifax III MZ812 crashed in the North Sea west of the island of Rømø 12/1 1945

Halifax III RG346 “attacked” west of the island of Rømø 12/1 1945

Halifax III NR173 crashed in the sea east of the island of Als 12/1 1945


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