Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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7 Squadron (AIR 27/101)
13 Lancasters detailed for Stettin.
All returned after having bomber target.

12 Squadron (AIR 27/168)
13 Lancasters detailed for Stettin.
Some fighter opposition reported.
Lancaster PD273 failed to return.

15 Squadron (AIR 27/204)
15 Lancasters for Stettin. All returned.
Lancaster EF963 (P) F/O Fleming attacked outbound by ME 109 after evasive action to evade a 410. Stb. Aileron damaged. Rear gunner fired 4 sec. burst. Believed scored a hit. On return journey attacked by a 3rd fighter. Many fighters seen over Denmark. Up: 20:54. Down: 04:31.

23 Squadron (AIR 27/288)
16 Mosquiton on patrols. All returned safely.
Mosquito PZ176 G/C B.R.Hoare / Fl. W. Gregory patrol Vaerloes. Two unidentified aircrafts attacked and claimed as damaged. Up: 00:45. Down 06:00.
Mosquito HR201 F/S J. Weston / Sgt Francis patrol Aalborg. Uneventful. Up 02:20 Down 06:35.
Mosquito PZ178 F/L J. Curd / F/S P.H.Devlin patrol Grove. Uneventful. Up 22:50. Down 03:05.

35 Squadron (AIR 27/381)
6 Lancasters to Stettin. All returned.

44 Squadron (AIR 27/451)
2 Lancasters for mining. 16 Lancasters for Königsberg,
Lancaster LM645 (P) F/O Hart Up 20:14. Down 07:28. Bombed at 01:44 hours. Fighter attack after leaving target. Rear turret hydraulics and trim tabs damaged. Tyre burst. Claimed JU 88 as damaged.
Lancaster ND869/G.M. F/O Mangos. Up: 20:09. Down 07:19.Bombed at 01:34 hours. 02:54 hours at 5607N 1105E fighter attack from T/A.
Lancaster PB283 /G.Q. F/O Lade. Up:20:22. Down 07:35. Did not attack. On run up on target given stand by. Jettisoned clusters at 5451N 1950E at 01:43 hours and bomb at 5458N 1920E at 01:49 due emergency following combat and flak damage. Starboard inner engine on fire after cannon shell hit by ME or flak. Exploded flak shell through port outer engine nazelle.

49 Squadron (AIR 27/482)
6 Lancasters to Königsberg. 2 Lancasters gardening Danzig Bay. All returned.

50 Squadron (AIR 27/488)
17 Lancasters to Königsberg. 4 did not return.
Lancaster NF921 F/O Holseth , Lancaster LM222 F/O Clarke, Lancaster PA994 F/O Horspool and Lancaster BK F/O Carver missing.
Lancaster EF983 F/S A.D.Nisbet sighted two aircrafts going down in target area at 01:48 hours
Lancaster ND991 F/O W.J.Davies. Target not attacked. After orbiting for 27 minutes were attacked at 5430N 2100E (2400E) at 01:42 hours at 20.000ft. After being forced down to 2000 ft to get out of cone fighter attacked from dead astern. Three strikes were observed by cannon fire. One in the Mid upper turret and set turret alight. One shell through bomb doors into bomb aimers compartment starting another fire. The other shell grazed side of fuselage.

57 Squadron (AIR 27/539)
13 Lancasters to Königsberg. All returned. A few fighters seen over target and over Denmark.

61 Squadron (AIR 27/579)
16 Lancasters to Königsberg. 12 aircrafts bomber target and returned to base. 4 failed to bomb. 1 failed to return.
Quite an amount of fighter activity.
Lancaster PB436 F/S Loneon failed to return.
Lancaster ND896 F/O Harrison was attacked by ME 109 while on bombing run. Evaded by diving to 4000 ft. Bombed at 01:47 hours.

75 Squadron (AIR 27/647)
14 Lancasters to Stettin. Three aircrafts had combat. A.A. opposition was moderate and enemy fighters were active on the outward route.
Lancaster HK601 P/O Scott claimed one enemy aircraft probably destroyed.
Lancaster LM594 F/S King failed to return.
6 Lancasters mining the Gulf of Danzig. All dropped mines in the allotted areas and returned.

76 Squadron (AIR 27/652)
Not required for operations.

83 Squadron (AIR 27/688)
11 Lancasters to Königsberg.
Lancaster PB248 S/Ldr Sparkes reached target area for deputy as “Primary Visual Marker” Last heard of on VHF over target at 01:37 hours. Did not return.

90 Squadron (AIR 27/732)
5 Lancasters to mine the Gulf of Danzig.
19 Lancasters to Königsberg.
Lancaster LM128 P/O Sullivan crashed on return at Frechenham.
Lancaster LM184 F/O Sumsion failed to return.
Lancaster PA159 F/O Watkinson had combat with E/A on run in to target. Bombed at 02:06 hours.
Lancaster NN698 (M) F/S Myers hit by L/F in engine casing at 55`55N 13`36E at 00:55 hours at 5000 ft.

97 Squadron (AIR 27/768)
13 Lancasters to Königsberg. All returned.
Fighter activity was slight.
Lancaster PA159 F/O Watkinson had combat with E/A on run in to target. Bombed at 02:06 hours.

101 Squadron. (AIR 27/803)
20 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster LL757(W) F/L Steward, LW479(F) F/O Foster and ME592(D) P/O Piprell failed to return.

103 Squadron (AIR 27/816)
3 Lancasters gardening Stettin Bay. All returned.
17 Lancasters to Stettin.
Moderate heavy flak with searchlights and a lot of fighter activity whivh commenced as soon as aircrafts reached the Danish coast.
Lancaster PB365 F/L Forbes and LW116 F/L Nixon failed to return. Nixon broadcast a WINI at 01:14 Hours.
Lancaster PD272 S/L Gane (Gardening) and ND381 P/O Sutton ( Stettin ) was attacked by enemy fighters but were successfully in evading them with no damage to themselves.

106 Squadron. (AIR 27/834)
2 Lancasters to lay mines in Tangerine area. Both returned.
16 Lancasters to Königsberg. Many fighters.
Lancaster JB593 G/Cpt McKenchnie and ND331 F/O Boivin failed to return.
Lancaster ND868 F/L Fee engaged light flakpost at 56`30N 08`14E at 800 ft. Gunners causing large orange explosion and silencing fire.

115 Squadron. (AIR 27/892)
21 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster ME718 (G) F/L Chatterton and PB131 (W) F/O Berkeley failed to return.

139 Squadron. (AIR 27/961)
Mosquitos acted in two waves as “spoofs” for the heavey attack on Stettin. One force attacked Hamburg and the other Berlin. 4 Mosquitos to Hamburg and 8 to Berlin. All returned.

141 Squadron (AIR 27/971)
11 Mosquitos did Serrate patrols of Stettin. Several contacts but no “Joy”. All returned.

156 Squadron. (AIR 27/1042)
16 Lancasters for Stettin. All returned.

166 Squadron. (AIR 27/1089)
19 Lancasters to Stettin.
5 Lancasters mine laying Stettin Bay.
Stettin: Some night fighter activity. Rocket projectiles were sighted over Denmark and north of Copenhagen.
Lancaster PD261 (S) F/O Dunton failed to return.
Lancaster PD242 (E) F/O Jones twice engaged by FW 190.
Gardening: Lancaster PD226 (U) F/O Heath failed to return.
Lancaster ND707 (D) F/O Miller was attacked by JU 88 on the return journey. Rear turret was severely damaged and RG F/S Pike was wounded in leg by cannon shell after having opened fire on the enemy. Nav F/O Hall was also wounded. RG managed to hack open the turret doors and was assisted out of his turret by the A/B F/O Harding who put out a fire in the fuselage before he could reach him. As a result of our gunners fire strikes were seen on the enemy who broke of the attack. Up: 21:50. Mined 02:19. Down 05:55.
Lancaster PB153 (K2) F/O Kelsal was attacked on three occasions by JU 88`s. E/A claimed as damaged. Large numbers of fighters seen across the Danish peninsular on the way to the garden and on the return journey. Up: 21:50. Gardened 02:19. Down 06:10.

169 Squadron. (AIR 27/1094)
9 Mosquitos on Serrate supporting bomber attack of Stuttgard and Königsberg. All patrols except Tylor who was on his freshman trip were over Denmark stretching as far as Sweden. All returned.
Mosquito NT169 S/L Thorn Up 01:50 Down 06:10 to beacons Hertzog and Seehund. Uneventfull.
Mosquito NT997 F/L Endersby Up 01:15 Down 05:20 to beacons Hertzog and Seehund. Uneventfull.
Mosquito NT176 W/O Spoolbread Up 01:50 Down 06:50 to beacon Seehund. Uneventfull.

192 Squadron. (AIR 27/1156)
11 aircrafts on special missions.
3 Mosquitos and 4 Halifaxes to Stettin in support of Bomber Commands aircrafts attacking target. All returned.

199 Squadron. (AIR 27/1172)
13 Stirlings for special operation. Protective support by dropping Windown and Mandrel screen. All returned.

207 Squadron. (AIR 27/1235)
12 aircrafts to Königsberg. All returned.
Lancaster LL902 F/O Stonehouse saw fighter on bombing run and had to corkscrew. Up 20:32. Down 07:18.

214 Squadron. (AIR 27/1323)
4 Fortress II to Stettin on a Jostle (Jamming) mission.
2 Fortress II to Königsberg on a Jostle (Jamming) mission
4 Fortress II on a Windows Spoof patrol.
All returned. Fighters reported active over Denmark.
Fortress II HB787 on Jostle patrol to Stettin: At 5428N 0600E at 00:30 hours a fighter size aircraft dived towards this aircraft. The starboard waist gunner fired a few rounds and when the aircraft had passed underneath the port waist gunner fired. No strikes were observed. Up: 21:35. Down 06:20.

218 Squadron. (AIR 27/1352)
9 aircrafts to Stettin. All returned.
Considerable opposition from flak and fighters on the route.

239 Squadron. (AIR 27/1456)
6 Mosquitos to Stettin. All returned.
Mosquito W4097 F/L Hughes had several chases which were lost by the greater speed of the targets. Later they obtained an A.I: contact at max range which they reduced to 2000 ft to get a visual. And at 100 ft the target was identified as a JU 88. A 2-3 seconds burst was fired and the e/a blew up and disintegrated in mid-air. Claim one JU 88 destroyed.

300 Squadron. (AIR 27/1658)
11 Lancasters to Stettin.
Fighters were active over target area.
Lancaster PA163 F/L Wasik , Lancaster ED327 P/O Lupton and Lancaster LL947 F/O Jones failed to return.
Lancaster LM141 F/L Wasilczuk Up 21:07. Down 06:09: Aircraft seen on fire and then in a steep dive. Glow of explosition seen through the cloud. Position 56.23N 10.10E at 00:42 hours.
Lancaster PD257 F/O Davies. Up 21:13. Down 05:53: Saw exchange of tracer 56.45N 09:58E at 00:13 hours. Four engined aircraft burst into flames, fell to ground and exploded.
Lancaster PA161 F/O Pope. Up 21:12 Down 06:20: Aircraft seen in flames 56.40N 10.10 at 00:23 hours, seen to explode on the ground.

405 squadron. (AIR 27/1789)
16 Lancasters to Stettin. Al returned..

419 Squadron. (27/1823)
19 aircrafts to Stettin. Three of these were borrowed from 428 Squadron. All returned.
Two encounters with enemy aircrafts.

425 Squadron. (AIR 27/1338)
2 Halifaxes for a diversionary sweep in the evening. Both returned.
One Halifax arrived at 5430N 0600E at 00:15 hours at 17.500 feet. Reports to have seen 3 enemy aircrafts. One on outward and two homeward which made no attempt to attack.

427 Squadron. (AIR 27/?)
3 aircrafts on a Bulls Eye exercise. One on a H2S exercise. All returned.

428 Squadron. (AIR 27/1350)
17 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster KB709 F/O Plunkett failed to return.

429 squadron. (AIR 27/?)
6 aircrafts on a command Bullseye exercise. All returned.

431 Squadron. (AIR 27/?)

460 Squadron. (AIR 27/1909)
24 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster NE144 F/O Humphris failed to return. LancasterPB379 P/O Aldred failed to return.
No fighters were evident except one over Denmark on outward journey which shot down an aircraft.

463 Squadron. (AIR 27/1921)
20 Lancasters to Königsberg.
Lancaster LL790 F/O Roe and Lancaster BD258 F/L Parker failed to return.
Lancaster HD259 F/O McKern. On first run to target fighter a/c came from above. Corkscrew carried out and another orbit made.

466 Squadron. (AIR 27/1926)
Eleven aircrafts detailed for operation. Cancelled. Two aircrafts carried out successful diversionary “Bullseye exercise.
Both returned.

467 Squadron. (AIR 27/1931)
19 Lancasters to Königsberg.
Lancaster LM267 F/O Richards, Lancaster LM383 F/O Sandell, Lancaster LM237 F/L Tattersall failed to return.
Lancaster NF908 FO Redwood: Cluster hung up and jettisoned 5528N 1000E from 8000ft at 02:40.

514 Squadron. (AIR27/1978)
10 aircrafts to Stettin. Number of aircrafts seen to go down on route.
Lancaster PB143 F/S Charlton failed to return.

515 Squadron. (AIR 27/1981)
5 Mosquitos on night intruder sorties to Venlo-Volkel, Diepholz, Meppen, Pellworm, Ardorf, Griefwaol, Husum and Denmark. Grove, Copenhagen, Barth and Putnitz airfields lit. All returned.

550 Squadron. (AIR 27/2037)
16 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster NE193 W/O Ansell failed to return.

571 Squadron. (AIR 27/2044)
5 Mosquitos to Berlin.
6 Mosquitos to Hamburg.
All returned.

576 Squadron. (AIR 27/2047)
16 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster ME800 F/O Thiemefailed to return.
2 Lancasters mining in Stettin Bay. Both returned.

582 Squadron. (AIR 27/2052)
16 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster PB202 S/L Farrington failed to return.

608 Squadron. (AIR 27/2101)
3 Mosquitos to Berlin. All returned.
Mosquito KB360 F/L Webb sighted a twin-engined a/c manuvering for attack on starboard rear quarter. Pilot took evasive action and a/c temporarily out of control, so he jettisoned bomb load on Hannover.
3 Mosquitos to Hamburg. All returned.

619 squadron. (AIR 27/2131)
18 Lancasters to Königsberg.
Lancaster LM656 F/O Eley failed to return.
Lancaster ED602 F/O Pettigrew Up 2006. Down 0700. When making bomb run attacked by JU 88. Port aileron being holed. Jettisoned bombs to avoid fighter when over town. Smoke coming from enemy aircraft. Claimed as destroyed.
Bombed target from 6000 feet at 01:34 hours.

622 Squadron. (Steve Smith)
14 Lancasters to Stettin.

626 Squadron. (AIR 27/2145)
18 Lancasters to Stettin.
Fighter activity over Denmark on the way out were in strength. Enemy fighters were encountered on leaving target.
Lancaster ME742 F/O Hawkes failed to return.
Lancaster NF907 S/L Pavenhell was attacked by a JU 88 but no damage was sustained.

630 Squadron. (AIR 27/2152)
4 Lancasters to lay mines in Tangerine area (Danzig). All returned.
12 Lancasters to Königsberg.
Few fighters were seen at the target and over Denmark.
Lancaster ND982 F/O Twidle failed to return.

635 Squadron. (AIR 27/2155)
13 Lancasters to Stettin.
Lancaster NE131 F/L Healey failed to return.

692 Squadron. (AIR 27/2216)
4 Mosquitos to Berlin. Spoof for heavies on Köenigsberg. All returned.
4 Mosquitos to Hamburg. Spoof for heavies on Stettin. All returned.

No. 14 O.T.U. Market Harborough (AIR 29/653)
4 Well. X carried out a Special Combined Command Diversionary Bullseye. All returned.

No. 21 O.T.U. Moriton-in-Marsh (AIR 29/665)
8 a/c took part in a Special Combined Command Diversionary Bullseye.
Wellington III BJ970 and HE444 failed to return.

No. 83 O.T.U. Peplow (AIR 29/687)
3 a/c successfully completed a Bullseye exercise.

No. 86 O.T.U. RAF Gamston (AIR 29/687)
Bullseye exercise consisting of 4 a/c carried out.

No. 1409 Met. Flight Wyton (AIR 29/867)
A long sortie to Cromer – Pan. 5540N 0600E – Kalundborg – Pan. 5500N 1400E – Bornholm – Pan. 5538N 1700E – Pan. 5440N 1500E – Kielsnor – Flensburg – Pan. 5430N 0800E – Pan. 5430N 0600E – Cromer – Base was undertaken by S/L N. Bicknell (P) and F/L R.G.Dale (Nav/W) in ML935.

No. 1663 Conversion Unit RAF Rufforth (AIR 28/1676)
2 a/c on Combined Command Diversionary Bullseye. Both returned safely.


Night of 29/30 August 1944




Lancaster I PA163 crashed into Lovns Bredning bay 29/8 1944

Lancaster I LM184 crashed Aalestrup 29/8 1944

Lancaster III PB202 crashed at Førby Hede heath 30/8 1944

Lancaster X KB709 crashed in the sea of Kattegat 6 miles off the island of Anholt 30/8 1944

Lancaster III PB143 crashed at Ingerslev / Estruplund 30/8 1944

Lancaster III NE144 ditched in the sea of Kattegat off the island of Anholt 30/8 1944

Lancaster III EE193 crashed in the sea of Kattegat 30/8 1944

Lancaster I ME718 crashed at Ove 30/8 1944

Lancaster III PB436 crashed Gunderup 30/8 1944

Lancaster I LM116 crashed near Karup 30/8 1944

Lancaster III LM479 crashed Dejbjerg 30/8 1944


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