Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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B 17G 42-37876 crashed in the Baltic Sea south of the island of Bornholm 11/4 1944.

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 95 Bomb Group, 412 Bomb Squadron and was coded QW-S.
T/O Horsham. OP: Poznan.

MACR 3804 states: B 17G 42-37876 piloted by 2nd Lt Eugene T. Schiappacasse was hit by a T/EE/A from 2 o`clock high using rockets. A/c winged over to the left and climbed a little in control. No fire or damage visible. Ten chutes were seen to leave aircraft at 54`15N 15`00E at 12:18 hours.

Co-pilot 2nd Lt David Janofsky was picked up from the sea by the German fishing trawler “Josef Stadtland” but not until the next day did it radio Hasle, Bornholm and requested that a boat come and pick up a wounded flyer.

Olaf Thorsen in his fishing boat “Anna” picked Janofsky, who was still alive, up and took him to Svanike where he was handed over to the Germans. The next morning Janofsky was dead and he was laid to rest in Svanike cemetery on 14/4 1944. A German army chaplain officiated at the graveside ceremony and no Danes were permitted to attend the ceremony.
Janofskys remains were disinterred in May 1948 and were evacuated to the American cemetery at Neuville en Condron in Belgium by the US military. Today he rest in USA.

Pilot 2nd Lt Eugene T. Schiappacasse, Navigator 2nd Lt Henry S.P. Kress, Bombardier 2nd Lt Gerald Taylor, Top turret gunner S/Sgt Warren R. Messmer, Radio operator S/Sgt Angelo Passero, Ball turret gunner S/Sgt Harvey L. Cartrite, Right waist gunner S/Sgt Frank J. Saunders, Left waist gunner T/Sgt Ralph C. Murray and Tail gunner S/Sgt Edward L. Phillips have no known graves and their names are found on Tablets of the Missing at Cambridge American Cemetery, Cambridge, England.


Sources: MACR, UA.



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