Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Stirling III EF154 shot down by flak near Hirsholmene on 1/12 1943

The aircraft belonged to RAF 199 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded EX-V.
T/O 15:25 Lahenheath OP: Gardening Silverthorne (Kattegat)

The Stirling was flying at an altitude at 100 meters when it at 19:39 hours was coned by the searchlight “Luzi” which were located on the island of Hirtsholm. At the same time 5./M.A.A.509-Leicher Flakzug Hirsholm opened fire with their two 20 mm flak guns.
The Stirling crashed in flames into the sea 1500 meter from Hirtsholmene in direction Frederikshavn.
The crew which consisted of Pilot F/S John A. Knowles MiD, Navigator 2.LT Carl Carlson USAAF, Air bomber Sgt Charles S. Stockwell, W/Op Sgt Gordon S. Cunningham, Flt Engr. Sgt Frederick W. Barrie, Air Gnr. Sgt Harry V. Dawe and Air Gnr. Sgt Kenneth J. Robotham all died.
At 19:50 Hafenkäpitän (Harbour Commander) Frederikshavn sent a motor launch to the crash site which was still illuminated by “Luzi”.
The launch found the dead bodies of Knowles, Carlson and Robotham and took them to Frederikshavn. They were buried in Frederikshavn cemetery on December 8 1943 at 10:00 hours by Marine chaplain Bender.
After the war the remains of Carlson was moved to The American War cemetery in Neupre, Belgium.

The rest of the crew have no known graves and are commemorated on The Runnymede Memorial.




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