Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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B 17F 42-30336 landed at Nørholm Gods near Varde 9/10-1943

The aircraft belonged to USAAF, 8 Air Force, 385 Bomb Group, 548 Bomb Squadron and was coded E.
T/O Great Ashfield OP : Marienburg

When approaching the Danish west coast problems started for “Miss Nonalee II”. Number two engine ran away and it was necessary to feather the propeller and it was decided to turn back. Five minutes later number two engine lost power and it was decided to land in Denmark since they would not be able to reach England. When they reached land Pilot 1. Lt. Glyndon D. Bell ordered the crew to bail out starting with the tail gunner and working up to the front of the ship. Radio Op. T/Sgt Lloyd E. Rodemar had by accident opened his chute in the aircraft and was thus afraid to jump.
Bell gave him his own parachute and would then try to land the aircraft.

                                   (Via Finn Buch)

Pilot 1. Lt. Glyndon D. Bell


    (Ben van Drogenbroek)

Bombardier 2.Lt Joseph E. Ostermann


 (Nils Jensen)

Co.Pilot 2.Lt Arnold P. Martin


              (Patricia Martin)

Howard and Villareal were not on this mission.

Co.Pilot 2.Lt Arnold P. Martin, Navigator 2.Lt Frank L. Bachman, Bombardier 2.Lt Joseph E. Ostermann, Top Turret Gnr. T/Sgt Henry P. Elliott, Ball Turret Gnr. S/Sgt Harold Rudick, Tail Gnr. S/Sgt Albert W. Spencer Jr., Left Waist Gnr. Sgt. John Edli, Right waist Gnr. S/Sgt Marshall F. Bryan, Arial Photographer T/Sgt Charlton K. Browning and Radio Op. T/Sgt Lloyd E. Rodemar all landed safely and were all captured just after landing by German troops. They had all landed in the area of Oksbøl not far from the German barracks. Co-Pilot Arnold Martin and Bombardier Joe Ostermann came down together and went to a farmers house where they were hidden. However the farmer became nervous with the Germans in the area looking for the flyers and turned them in.

They were sent to Nuremburg for interrogation and afterwards Martin was sent to Stalag Luft III Sagan. In January and February 1945 he was on a forced march from Stalag III to Stalag VIIA Moosburg where he was liberated by the American troops on April 29 1945.




“Miss Nonalee II” at Nørholm Estate

At 11:15 Bell made a perfect wheels down landing in a field belonging to Nørholm Gods estate. He tried to set the aircraft on fire but could not get it to burn, and when he saw people approaching the aircraft he ran away.

He made contact to two Danes named Keld Schou and Sigurd Nielsen who helped him to get to Bredsten near Vejle where Mrs. Laura Stammer took over and lead Bell to København where he was housed by Laura Stamers son Reverend Th. Stamer until arrangements for Bells further trip to Sweden could be made.

                                   (Via Finn Buch)


On 24/10 Bell was sailed to Sweden and on 29/12 1943 he was back in England. After interrogation he returned to Great Ashfield on 9/1.1944.

He was then transferred to China where he flew fighter. When the Air Force after the war was separated from the Army Bell choose the Army and serviced in Japan, Korea and Germany. He retired in 1962 with the rank of Major and died in 1999 aged 78.

The Germans decided fly ”Miss Nonalee II” out of the field and all guns, radio equipment etc. was removed to lighten her.
On 16/10 ”Miss Nonalee II” was flown to Esbjerg air field by German test pilot Hans-Werner Lerche. After being re-equipped 42-30336 was flown to Schwerin and Rechlin for evaluation.
It was given the code 7+8 and is known to have flown until December 1944.



                                        (Via Finn Buch)


                                            (Via Finn Buch)


                                       (Via Finn Buch)

"Miss Nonalee" under new management




Sources: Bell E&E report, Ølgod Museum yearbook 1992, “Strangers in a strange land” by H. H. Stapfer, LBUK, FB, Patricia Martin.


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