Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Douglas DC 3 crashed Skagerak 27/8 1943.

The aircraft belonged to ABA Sweden and was coded SE-BAF.
T/O 20:23 Dyce, Aberdeen. OP: Passenger flight to Bromma Sweden.

Radio contact with the aircraft which was named ”Gladan” was lost at approx. 01:30 English time. It is believed that Leutnant Karl Rechberger of 12. / NJG 3 claimed this aircraft at 23:41 hours Danish time at 5100 metres altitude in Plan Quadrat FT-72 which is located west of Hirtshals.

At 00:30 hours the crew of the rescue launch of Hirtshals was alerted and at 01:05 the boat with a German marine onboard left for a search South West of Hirtshals.
Presumably looking for a German aircraft. At 09:15 the launch returned to Hirtshals without having found anything.

On 18/9 1943 the body of Pilot Karl Gunnar Lindner was found in the sea 18 kilometres North West of Skagen by the German fishing vessel “Senator Westphal”. The body was in a very bad shape and was buried at sea by Captain Heinrich Rückriem.

On 21/9 1943 the body of Second pilot Niels Åke Mörne was found washed ashore near Grebbestad in Sweden.

Wireless operator Per Arne Persson, Flt. Engr. Tor August Werne and Passengers Rickard Frederick Adolf von Essen, Dorothy Helena Skärlund and Ali Mohamed Sheybary have no known grave.


Sources: Nonnenmacher file, “Kurirflyg”, “Politiken” newspaper.


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