Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Halifax II DT747 crashed Hjertingvej road in Sædding, Esbjerg 21/4-1943.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 102 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded DY-P.
T/o 21:20 Pocklington. Op : Stettin.

Outbound Halifax DT747 was seen coming over the Fliegerhorst Esbjerg at 150 meters from northeast at 00:47 hours. Fire was opened with 2 cm and 3,7 cm flak from II.,III.u.IV./2.lei.Flakabt.742 and IV./2.lei.Flakabt.844 u. Alarmflakbatt.II/XI (L) . Searchlight from 4./204 "Richter" and "Halen" coned the aircraft and passed it then on to the SW. "Trupp", "Lund", "Emil", "Fanø" and "Hans". The Halifax was fired at with Maschine guns from SW. "Trupp" and "Lund" after which it turned towards west. Next the 10.5 cm battery at "Femhøje" opened fire as did Seehafen Süd (2./742) and Seehafen Nord (1./204) and Flakzug Saedding (6./204) and the heavy battery "Fanö" with 2 cm, 3,7 cm and 10,5 cam flak. Also the Sperrbrecher 177 and the Flakjäger 24 which lay in the harbour joined in. THe Halifax was hit several times but tried to gain height but was hit by several more shots and crashed at 00:51 hours.


 (RM 45 III 315 via Carsten Petersen)


 (RM 45 III 315 via Carsten Petersen)


 (Marco Hansen)


 (Marco Hansen)


DT747 crashed on Hjertingvej road in Sædding near the place where the ”Fishing Museum” is located today.

The whole crew perished and were laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 30/4-1943.

They were Pilot Flt.Sgt. Thomas S.E. Bennett RNZAF, Sgt. James K. Campbell, Pilot Sgt. Wilfred A. Griffiths, W.Op. Sgt. Arnold Jenkinson, Observer Sgt. Wilfrid C. Marsh, Flt. Engr. Sgt. James T. Smith, Air Gnr. Flt.Sgt. Alexander C. Weir RCAF and Air Gnr. Bertram C.J. White.








Above pictures via Rudolf Clausen, Esbjerg.



The funeral in Esbjerg Fovrfeld Cemetery 30/4-1943


                               (Via Finn Buch)

Pilot Flt.Sgt. Thomas S. E. Bennett


   (Paul Campbell)

Pilot Flt.Sgt. Thomas S. E. Bennett


   (Paul Campbell)

Sgt. James K. Campbell


   (Paul Campbell)

Sgt. James K. Campbell


 (Paul Campbell)

W.Op. Sgt. Arnold Jenkinson


 (Paul Campbell)

Air Gnr. Bertram C.J. White.











Sources: BCL, BE, RL 19/456, LBUK.


The night of 20/21 April 1943

Halifax II JB930 crash landed near Esbjerg 20/4-1943

Lancaster III ED620 crashed near Stadil 20/4-1943

Lancaster III ED614 crashed Vester Vedsted 21/4-1943

Unknown Lancaster crashed Strandgården farm, Halskov 21/4-1943

Stirling III BK714 crashed Tarp, Esbjerg 21/4-1943

Stirling III BF508 crashed in Fænøsund on 21/4 1943

Halifax II DT747 crashed Hjertingvej road in Sædding, Esbjerg 21/4-1943

Lancaster III ED557 believed crashed Store Bælt 21/4-1943

Stirling I R9261 crashed by Kongsmark on 21/41943

Halifax II HR722 crashed Store Bælt off Drøsselbjerg Klint 21/4-1943

Halifax II HR712 crashed Store Bælt near Slipshavn 21/4-1943

Stirling III BF463 crashed in Store Bælt off Halskov on 21/4 1943

Lancaster III ED818 crashed Vresen Ø 21/4-1943

Stirling III BF506 shot down by Bøgballe on 21/4 1943

Lancaster I W4330 crashed Vestbirk 21/4-1943

Halifax II HR714 crashed in the tidal area off the island of Mandø 21/4 1943.

Stirling III BK698 shot down over The North Sea on 21/4 1943

Stirling III BF476 crash-landed at Kragelund Fælled North of Vejle on 21/4 1943

Lancaster ED709 crashed Ringkøbing Fjord 21/4 1943



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