Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Stirling I W7579 crashed in The North Sea off Nymindegab on 14/8 1942.

The Stirling belonged to RAF 7 Sqn. Bomber Command and was codet MG-Y.
T/o 21:28 Oakington. OP: Gardening Daffodils (Southern entrance to The Sound).

On the way back to base, W7579 was attacked by a German night fighter from II/NJG 3 piloted by Leutnant Szameitat, and crashed at 02:44 hours into the sea 300 meters off Nymindegab.
Only W/Op Sgt. V.H.Sharp managed to get out of the damaged aircraft and landed in his parachute in shallow water.
In the morning the slightly wounded Sharp was found by the Germans and taken to the hospital in Esbjerg.From Esbjerg he was sent to Dulag Luft in Oberursel for interrogation and later to Stalag 357 Thorn/Fallingbostel.
The rest of the crew were killed by the crash.
Pilot F/S Hugh M. Clark, CO-Pilot Sgt. Gerard Carroll, Flt. Engr Sgt. William G. Foale and Air Gnr. Sgt. James A. Adamson have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial while Navigator P/O Henry Astell-Burt, Air Gnr–W/Op Sgt. John W. Street and Air Gnr. Sgt. Frank A. Hayes were laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 18/8 1942.




Sources: LBUK, CWGC, AS 63-84, RL 19/455, BE, AIR 27/99, Nonnenmacher file.


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