Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Lancaster I R5488 crashed in the North Sea 30 km north west of Esbjerg 4/7-1942.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 61 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded QR-F.
T/O 22:25 Syerston. OP: Gardening Verbena (The Sound)

When approaching the Danish west coast on the outbound flight Lancaster R5488 was attacked at 02:46 by a German night fighter piloted by Oberfeldwebel Haisch of 4./ NJG 3 and crashed into the North Sea 30 kilometres north west of Esbjerg killing all onboard.

On July 5. Observer P/O Robert L. Storey was found dead in the North Sea by fishing boat RJ 167 “Issefjord” with Skipper Jens Volles Andersen while the dead bodies of Pilot Sqn. Ldr. Peter W.M. West DFC and Wop/Air Gnr. Sgt John W. Morton was picked up from the sea on 6/7 by fishing boat RJ 157 “Irma” with Skipper Carl Emil Pedersen.
All were brought to Hvide Sande, and laid to rest in Fourfelt cemetery in Esbjerg on 8/7-1942.
On 10/7 Air Gnr. Sgt Jack Brown was found drifted ashore near Trans church while Wop/Air Gnr. Sgt Edward C. Marshall was found near Fjaltring on the same day.
They were laid to rest in Lemvig cemetery on 11/7-1942.
Flt. Engr. Sgt Eric Knight and Air Gnr. F/O Robert W. Komiski have no known grave and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.






Sources: CWGC, BE, BL,UA, Ringkøbing police journal, RL 19/454, Nonnenmacher file.



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