Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Hampden I P1329 crashed in the North Sea near the coast of Holland on 27/6 1940.

The aircraft belonged to RAF 50 Sqn. Bomber Command and was coded VN-?.
T/O 22:15 Waddington OP: Hannover.

On the return flight P1329 was hit in an engine by flak from 3./614. The crew reported back to base that they flew on one engine. At 03:59 hours they reported in plain language: “Going down 15 miles from Dutch coast”. The next day 6 Blenheims of 235 Squadron searched a 20 x 20 miles square at 52.40N, 04.20E for survivors. No one was found.
W/Op-Air Gnr. F/S William T.J. Southey and W/Op-Air Gnr. Sgt Eric H.M. Turner have no known grave and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial while Pilot W/C Norman D. Crockart rests in Callantsoog i Holland.
On 25/7 Receiver of Wrecks Ole Christensen found the dead body of Observer Sgt Allen J.D. Ingram drifted ashore in Beach area no. 21 near Årgab. Ingram was laid to rest in Nr. Haurvig cemetery on 28/7 1940. The parish minister of Nr. Haurvig officiated at the graveside ceremony.



  (Nico Kwakman)


Sources : BCL, CWGC, KH, Hans Nauta, Holland.




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